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Stevo Julius, M.D., Sc.D.
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Julius, a graduate of the Medical School of the University of Zagreb (Croatia), is Professor of Internal Medicine and Physiology, and the Frederick G.L. Huetwell Professor of Hypertension at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he has been on the faculty over thirty-five years. He recently stepped down as Chief of the Division of Hypertension in the Department of Medicine, after 25 years of service.

Dr. Julius’ research is in the pathophysiology of hypertension with a specific emphasis on the role of the nervous system. His methods to investigate this issue range from invasive studies in humans through using pharmacologic probe to epidemiologic research. Dr. Julius is author of over 300 papers and chapters in books and is Member of the Editorial Board on a number of Journals in Hypertension.

Dr. Julius distinguished himself as an educator on hypertension. The Ann Arbor program, under his supervision, trained over 50 specialists in hypertension, many of whom have become internationally recognized leaders in numerous countries of the world. In conferring on him its Life Achievement award the Council for High Blood Pressure Research of the American Heart Association quoted his achievements as “role model and mentor for the youth of our profession.” Dr. Julius also organized the Visiting Faculty of the International Society of Hypertension a program in which prominent educators visited developing countries. Over a period of 7 years the program gave seminars in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, PR China (3 times), Taiwan (2 times), Korea, Thailand, Argentina, Indonesia, and Singapore.

He has received numerous awards including: the Astra Cardiovascular Award of the International Society of Hypertension, the Distinguished Faculty Award of the University of Michigan, the Corcoran Lectureship of the Council for High Blood Pressure Research, and the MERIT Award of the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Julius also received an Honorary Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Göteborg in Sweden and a citation of esteem from the Japanese Society of Hypertension. He has also been elected an honorary member of the Australian, Finnish, Hungarian, Spanish, Polish, and Swedish Hypertension Societies.

The International Society of Hypertension has honored Dr. Julius by establishing the “Stevo Julius Award for Excellence in Hypertension Education” which is bestowed to a distinguished person during the Society’s regular plenary meetings.

Dr. Julius was the USA National Coordinator in the HOT (18,790 patients) and LIFE (9,300 patients) trials. He is presently the Chairman and Principal investigator of the VALUE (15,300 patients) and trial and TROPHY (803 patients) trials.

Dr. Julius served or presently serves on Advisory Boards to Merck, Solvay, Servier, Novartis and other Companies.


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